Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

At Auto-Serve we offer a full range of automotive services to a large and diverse group of customers.
Our qualified mechanics can upgrade and maintain many makes and models of performance and motorsport cars as well as building, maintaining and modifying specialist sports, race and performance cars. However, for those customers less sports oriented, please visit our Garage Services page where we offer a full range of automotive garage services.

For those of you, like ourselves, that want a little bit more (or maybe a lot more) from your road or track day cars, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding how to make it go faster, sound better, stop later, turn sharper and look fantastic. Whether it’s a full engine or turbo conversion, suspension overhaul, rollcage installation, brake upgrade or any other modification we can always help. We have completed so many performance upgrades and conversions we know which way to steer you in your quest for the ultimate in style and performance.