Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

Auto-Serve uses one of the latest and BEST all round diagnostic machines available on the market to undertake a large number of fault finding and diagnosis problems with motor vehicle engine management systems.


The Launch X-431 is already the best selling scan tool in the world and rapidly becoming the tool of choice for all workshops.

Driving the X-431’s bid for the top slot are no fewer than 200 full-time software engineers, dedicated to the X-431 alone and tasked with developing new and improved applications.


LAUNCH X431 is updated on average once a day via online download from a dedicated update website.

Over 400 upgrades are provided each year to keep pace with the latest vehicle models.

X431 scan tool can perform the functions of reading Trouble Codes, erasing Trouble Code and reading live data stream on automotive engines, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbags, Cruise Control,

Body controllers, immobiliser and many more.

Other functions include component activation to test EGR valves, boost control valves, instrument clusters, window operation etc, Adaption reset, ECU coding and programming, key coding and many more.

Our diagnostic checks include:

• Engine Management Systems

• Fuel Injection Systems

• Anti-Lock Braking & Traction Control Systems

• Airbag / SRS Systems

• Air Conditioning Systems

• Electronic Diesel Control Systems

• Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Faults

• Safety Related Systems

• Immobiliser Systems

Our rates are very competitive and we provide a reliable service. Call us today for further information, advice and bookings.